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I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley.

Kyle Gammage – a teenage boy – finds the murdered body of a young woman in the woods.  Kyle works part time for Tony the vet and his brother Scooter works for Alex Duggins at the Black Dog.  As  a result of trying to protect the two young boys Alex and Tony and drawn into yet another murder investigation.

This is a well written and interesting crime novel and having read the previous three books in the series I’m getting to know the main characters.  I’m still not sure about Alex herself as she always seems a little flaky to me and she seems to worry about trivialities and about what might happen far more than a very good business woman would do in reality.  Mainly I forgive her her foibles because the plots are good and the other characters are interesting – Harriet and Mary who keep a bookshop/cake shop, Lily – Alex’s mother who runs the restaurant at the Black Dog and Hugh and the other pub staff.

If you’re looking for a new crime series set in a small rural community then you could do worse than read this one.  The series is best read in order of publication.


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Out Comes the Evil: A Cotswold Murder Mystery (An Alex Duggins Mystery)

A local woman – Pamela Gibbon – goes missing from her home in Folly on Weir where Alex Duggins owns the pub and restaurant.  Alex and her friend, Tony, the vet find the body down a disused well at a derelict manor house.   Though the dead woman doesn’t seem to have any enemies there were a lot of rumours about the men she seems to have been involved with – most notably Harry Stroud who also seems to be away from home.  Who could have hated Pamela enough to kill her in a particularly gruesome way?

I did enjoy reading this second book in the series though it is certainly the stuff of nightmares.  This author is excellent at creating suspense and tension and there are so many undercurrents in the book that you feel on the edge of your seat with every encounter between the residents of Folly on Weir.  The police characters – O’Reilly and Lamb don’t help the situation as they seem to have decided to play good cop/bad cop with DS Lamb playing the bad cop and being down right rude to all and sundry.

If you like plenty of tension in your crime stories and some very sinister and really unpleasant characters then this may be the book for you.  It is part of a series but can be read as a standalone novel as the reader doesn’t need to know what happened in the first book.  I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review.

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