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All Hallows (The Falconer Files - Brief Cases Book 7)

Halloween provides an ideal opportunity for DS Davey Carmichael to dress up and go out with his children trick or treating.  The trouble is that he causes havoc when he is called out to a murder and forgets to get changed first.  A man is found dead after his garden shed blows up.  The victim is not the most popular person in the neighbourhood and DI Harry Falconer and DS Davey Carmichael find themselves with plenty of suspects.

I enjoyed reading this well written story as I like the main characters and find the way they relate to each other interesting. The story is well plotted and I didn’t work out who had done it.  This story is one of a series which fills in the gaps between the novels in the Falconer Files series. It is ideal to read if you want something short as you don’t have much time to spare.


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Death of a Pantomime Cow - A Falconer File Short Story (The Falconer Files - Brief Cases Book 6)

Carsfold’s Women’s Guild is putting on a pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk.  DI Harry Falconer has bought tickets for the first night for himself and the family of his DS – Davey Carmichael.  But as is usual with anything Harry plans to do with Davey is it doomed to disaster.  When tragedy strikes in the first few minutes of the production the duo find themselves involved in investigating a murder.

This is a well written amusing short story which fills one of the gaps between the novels in the series.  I enjoyed reading it and I didn’t work out the murderer. This story can be read in just over half an hour so it is ideal for when you haven’t got much time and would like to read something complete in itself.

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Brief Cases Box Set

I mainly prefer reading novels but occasionally it make a change to read short stories.  This collection includes five short stories from the Falconer Files which fit between the novels in the series.

These are well written stories which are long enough to get involved in but provide a short read when you don’t have too much time to spare.  Each takes less than 40 minutes to read.  The murders are particularly gruesome especially Battered to Death.  Toxic Gossip is a particularly disturbing story which shows the dangers of jumping to conclusions without checking your facts.

I think the story I found most disturbing was A Sidecar Named Expire set on Valentine’s Day.  All the stories are well written and will stand alone apart from the series but they are interesting to read as part of the Falconer Files series.  If you want to assess whether the series is one for you these short stories might be a good place to start.

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Shadows and Sins (The Falconer Files Book 13)

A woman’s body is discovered in the woods near Castle Farthing and even though she has been dead some years she was never reported missing.  Other bodies, in various states of preservation soon follow and DI harry Farthing and DS Davey Carmichael are forced to confront the unwelcome truth that a serial killer is on the loose on their patch.  Soon they have more evidence than they actually need but no one they really suspect.

Both Falconer and Carmichael have other things on their minds.  Falconer has resumed his relationship with Dr Honey Dubois and one of his cats has gone missing.  Carmichael’s wife, Kerry is about to give birth to twins prematurely.  Neither of them are concentrating on their jobs as much as usual.

I thought this was a well plotted and interesting mystery with some likeable characters and plenty if humour in spite of the grisly subject matter.   Some of the characters from previous books in the series reappear and Harry Falconer shows he has a human side.  This is the thirteenth book in the series though each book can be read as a standalone novel.  If you want to follow the relationship between Falconer and Carmichael then the books are best read in order of publication.

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Bells and Smells (The Falconer Files Book 12)

The Reverend Florrie Feldman has been moved to a new parish after her unpleasant experiences in her previous one but it seems she has jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.  She has a boss with octopus hands and a personal hygiene problem and she finds a dead body in the church not long after she moves in.  When other murders follow DI Harry Falconer and DS Davey Carmichael are puzzled as someone seems to have it in for anyone who is connected with the church though it seems no one has a motive.

DC Chris Roberts acquires more injuries and seems to spend more time off sick than he does at work and both Falconer and Carmichael have some problems in their private lives.  Falconer would quite like someone in his life but really doesn’t want to upset the peace and quiet of his home life.  Carmichael’s wife is expecting twins.

This is an entertaining mystery with a very unexpected murderer.  I certainly didn’t work out who had done it and it was quite a surprise when it was revealed.   I like the humour and the relationship between the two main characters.  If you like well written mysteries set in small villages then you may enjoy this series.  The books can be read in any order though if you want to follow the development of the relationship between Falconer and Carmichael then they are best read in order of publication.

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Glass House (The Falconer Files Book 11)

Fairmile Green has just got over several months of noisy renovations and is settling down for some much needed peace and quiet when the new owner of what was Orchard House and is now called Glass House import a flock of Peacocks to their extensive garden.  The newly established peace is shattered at all hours of the day and night and the much tried villagers could almost be forgiven for plotting vengeance. If you add to the mix the spurned former partners of both occupants of Glass House, and a sausage dog which is an expert escape artist and you have an incendiary combination which leads to murder via a series of nasty accidents.

This looks like being  a case which will baffle the combined intellects of DI Harry Falconer and DS Davey Carmichael, not so ably assisted by DC Chris Roberts who spend more time off sick than he does at work.  This is an entertaining and well written mystery and number eleven in this excellent series. The main characters are likeable – even lovable – there are intriguing plots and plenty of humour as well as serious investigation.

The series can be read out of order but it is better to read them on the order they were published to follow the development of the relationship between Falconer and Carmichael and the growth of Carmichael’s lively family.

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Death in High Circles (The Falconer Files Book 10)

The village of Fallow Fold is the centre of a several groups devoted to various activities such as bridge, reading, drama, sewing and gardening.  Everyone who lives there seems to be law abiding but there is suddenly a spate of vandalism in the village with no obvious suspect.

DI Harry Falconer and DS Davey Carmichael are sent to investigate.  Falconer senses that this minor criminal spree isn’t the end of it and he feels there is real evil there. Falconer is right and the organiser of the bridge group disappears without trace.  There is bloodshed to come and a murderous attack on the police which causes Falconer to examine his whole life.  There is plenty of humour and a few tears in this well written and intriguing mystery.

I enjoyed reading this book though I don’t think it is quite as good as some of the books in this excellent series.  Maybe this is because I read it in very short spells and as a result I didn’t becomes as absorbed in the story as I normally do.  I can recommend this series to anyone who likes their crime novels with interesting plots, likeable characters, touches of humour and little on the page violence.

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