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Murder at the Lighthouse: An Exham on Sea Mystery (Exham on Sea Mysteries Book 1)

Libby works at a bakery and is writing a cookery book.  She is walking a friend’s dog along the beach when she discovers a woman’s body.  Was it accident, suicide or murder?  Libby is naturally curious especially when she discovers that the dead woman grew up in Exham and left to make her fortune in the US.  But the police don’t want amateurs interfering in their investigation and Libby is warned about asking too many questions.

Sometimes the first book in a series is too busy scene setting for the rest of the series so that the murder almost takes second place in the story and I think this is the case with this one.  It is not a long book and yet there is rather too much information packed into its pages. There is the mystery itself, another murder, the charismatic Max, a new lodger for Libby not to speak of her backstory and her current projects.

My disappointing experience with this first book in the series has not completely put me off the series but it will be a while before I shall be reading the second book.  If you like cosy mysteries you may well enjoy it but I suspect that this is a series where it is better to start with a later episode rather than the first one.


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