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Murder on the Run (A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery Book 17)

I have read and enjoyed all the previous sixteen books in this series – more than once – so I have been looking forward to this latest instalment for quite a while.  The waiting was worth it as this book is every bit as good as the rest.  Libby and Fran know nothing about running but when Adam and Sophie – their children – join the Nethergate Harriers they feel the need to learn all about it even if they don’t want to take it up themselves.

Then one of the runners goes missing during the Nethergate 5K run Libby and Fran’s curiosity is rapidly aroused even if they don’t want to be involved in yet another murder.  Against their better judgement they do become involved because it suddenly seems as if Sophie and Adam might be in danger when another runner goes missing and a body is discovered.

This series includes some marvellous characters – Libby and Fran themselves and their partners Ben and Guy; the much tried DCI Ian Connell; Peter and Harry and the Pink Geranium; Hetty at the Manor and all the characters in the village of Steeple Martin.

The author creates an interesting and believable world peopled with characters you feel you would recognise if you met them.  If you want an entertaining read which doesn’t pretend to create a realistic picture of crime investigation then do try this series. It really does create a world which you can lose yourself in.  I think the books in the series need to be read in the order in which they were published in order to follow the development of the relationships between the characters.

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Murder Dancing

This is the sixteenth book in this well written and entertaining series of mysteries.  Max Tobin has brought his dance company to the Oast Theatre to try and get away from some very unpleasant incidents which have involved various members of the cast.

It is a modern interpretation of the story of the witches of Pendle.  When it seems as though the incidents have followed them to Kent and a murder is committed opinions are divided as to whether the production should actually be put on.  Does someone have a grudge against the company or is it more personal?

I found the background to this mystery interesting and I liked the way the group of dancers interacted – I thought that was very realistic.  The way the tensions mount between them and opinions are divided about whether or not the production should continue is very well done.

I found I had to keep reading to find out what happened and the revelation of the murderer at the end was a total shock to me though when I looked back on it the clues were there and I had misinterpreted them.  If you like your crime stories with little on the page violence and bad language and with interesting characters then you will probably enjoy this book and this series.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Murder in the Blood - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery #15

Libby Sarjeant and her friends are enjoying a well earned break in Turkey when they come across a body and it seems as though murder has followed them even on holiday.  While they are out on a boat trip they discover a body.  One of the English visitors who is staying at their hotel recognises the dead man.  Libby and Fran don’t want to investigate the death but it seems they aren’t going to be allowed to ignore it.  Even when they return home the investigation follows them and it seems they can’t avoid being involved.

I think this is my favourite book in this series so far.  There are so many twists and turns in the plot that it will keep even the most observant reader guessing.  Fran and Libby don’t know who to trust and who to believe as it seems just about everyone they come across is using a false name or hiding criminal activity.

I stayed up long after my usual bedtime in order to finish reading it as I had to know what happened.  I love the series characters – Libby and her partner, Ben; Fran and her husband Guy; Peter and his partner Harry and of course the Pink Geranium restaurant which is run by Harry.  It almost feels as if I would recognise Steeple Martin if I was transported into the middle of the village.

If you like crime novels with well drawn characters which are far from perfect human beings, interesting plots and intriguing backgrounds then you may well enjoy this well written series.  This series is excellent entertainment and I can imagine the books as a TV series.

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Murder Out of Tune - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery #14

A member of a ukulele group is found dead in Steeple Martin’s churchyard and Libby feels guilty that she is relieved it isn’t anyone she knows.  She doesn’t feel obliged to investigate until her cousin becomes involved with one of the murder suspects though her time is taken up by a Christmas concert organised by Sir Andrew McColl and by the pantomime to be performed in the Oast Theatre.

Libby and Fran are soon investigating almost against their better judgement and life suddenly becomes rather dangerous when most members of the ukulele group seem to have secrets which may or may not be relevant to the murder.  It seems Libby has an enemy in the village – an elderly lady who is a menace on a mobility scooter – who blames her for everything which has happened in the village lately.

I really enjoyed this mystery and totally failed to identify the murderer until almost the end of the book.  I liked the background of the theatre and the tensions which occur between the ill assorted members of a group which only have one interest in common.  I also liked the fact that Libby’s cousin, Cassandra, is far from perfect and is apt to trample to over everyone to get what she wants.  The interaction between her and Libby is made more realistic because Libby doesn’t just accept her bad behaviour and challenges her over it whenever it affects her or her friends.

This is an excellent series with intricate plots and realistic and all too human characters.  If you like crime stories with amateur detectives who manage to work reasonably well with the police and which are set in rural England then you may enjoy this series.  The books can be read as standalone novels but are probably best read as a series in the order in which they were published.

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Murder in a Different Place - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery #13

An old friend of Harry’s has died and his cousins have invited Harry and his partner, Peter and friends Libby Sarjeant and Ben Wilde and Fran and her husband Guy Wolfe to stay on the Isle of Wight for a week and to attend the funeral.

It soon becomes clear that the three elderly cousins have an ulterior motive in asking them to stay but they don’t seem willing to help with information.  As Harry seems to be involved somehow, Libby wants to find out what is going on in spite of the outright hostility from the three ladies.

Everyone agrees they will forget all about it when they return home but somehow the mystery – which includes Harry’s background – keeps coming back to haunt them even when they’re back in Kent.

I thought this book was probably one of the best in a good series.  The plot as ever has lots of ramifications and I like the way the author weaves them all together to make a satisfying whole.  I feel as though I have really got to know the series characters and it is like meeting old friends to read the next book in the series.  I recommend this book and this series to anyone who likes crime stories with little on the page violence and bad language and likeable characters.

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Murder in the Dark - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery #12

A young woman’s body is found in a grotto in the garden of an old house which Adam – Libby Sarjeant’s son – is helping to restore.  Adam is questioned by the police which brings the case to Libby’s attention.  Lewis Osborne-Walker, TV personality and DIY expert – knows the owners of the house and asks Libby to go and see Adelaide Watson as she has few friends in the area and she needs some female support.  Naturally Libby jumps at the chance to find out more about the murder.

This is a totally fascinating mystery with lots of historical background.  The plot consists of several strands and I love the way they are cleverly woven together.  I love the series characters – Libby and Fran, Ben – Libby’s partner – Peter and Harry – partners and owners of the restaurant The Pink Geranium – not forgetting Sidney the cat and DCI Ian Connell who often finds himself having to be grateful for Libby and Fran’s help in his murder investigations.

If you like intriguing murder mystery with quite complicated plots and likeable characters then you may enjoy this book and this series.  The books can be read as a standalone novels and also as part of a series. This is the twelfth book in the series.

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Murder in the Monastery - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery #11

Libby Sarjeant is asked to look into the provenance of a reliquary containing the finger of St Eldreda which has appeared for sale on a web site.  The nuns of St Eldreda are curious about it and want to know whether it is genuine.  Libby’s friend, Peter is intrigued by the story of the monastery and gets permission from the nuns to write a play and stage it in the ruins of the monastery which is in the grounds of the convent.  Naturally enough a dead body is discovered and it seems as though the title of the play – Murder in the Monastery – has tempted fate.

Then Libby and her psychic friend Fran Wolfe become involved in the investigation of the crime which gradually seems to collect more and more strands to it as they ask more questions. Their friend DCI Ian Connell – is once again grateful for and at the same time irritated by their input.  I enjoyed this entertaining and well written mystery.  There is an interesting historical background to the story and I felt the characters really came alive on the page.

This is a well written book with an intriguing mystery featuring the usual series characters which have really grown on me as I’ve read this series I feel as though I have got to know this group of friends and their usual locations – The Manor, The Pink Geranium, and the Oast Theatre. If you want and mystery series which you can really get involved in then try this one.


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